FAQs for Hamdard University

Q: When can I apply in Hamdard University?  

A: Hamdard University offers admission activities twice a year, with the spring session commencing in November and the fall session starting in May. To learn more about our admission requirements and procedures, please visit our website at www.hamdard.edu.pk . If you are interested in applying for admission, you can do so by following the instructions outlined on our page at https://www.hamdard.edu.pk/howtoapply/

Q: What are the general admission criteria in Hamdard University? 

A: All applicants must meet the following criteria to be eligible to apply to Hamdard University for admission:

  • Applicants who have given examination of Intermediate/A Levels/High School Diploma/Baccalaureate Diplomas or any other equivalent qualification(s) before the time.
  • Applicants must meet the grade and subject requirements as mentioned on Admissions Criteria page.

Q: Can I apply if I don’t meet the admissions criteria?

A: Those students who do not exactly meet our admissions criteria can contact the Office of Admissions. Such decisions are made on case-by-case basis. 

Q: Can I apply if I have not yet completed my HSSC/A level/High School Diploma/International Baccalaureate Diploma?

A: Yes, those applicants who are still in High School/College or who may be taking or retaking their exams are encouraged to apply if they can reasonably meet our requirements of admissions.

Q: How can I apply for admission in Hamdard University?

A: To apply for admissions at Hamdard University, you will need to:
Register online following the Apply tab on left side bar that show you the registration form where you have 2 further steps:

At first step you can select your required program, faculty and Campus.

Register yourself by filling out the required input fields than Press the Generate Verification Code button to send you verification code on email and mobile number to proceed further.

Q: Is it possible to make changes to the online application after submitting it? A: No, you can’t make changes to the application once it is submitted; therefore, you are advised to fill out your application carefully. 

 Q: How do I know if my application was submitted? 

A: When the application is submitted you will receive an email and a text message notifying you that your application has been submitted.

Q: Is there any application processing charges?

A: Yes, there is an online application processing fee i.e. RS. 1500 excluding the Faculty of Engineering Science and Technology.

Q: How can I submit the application processing and test fee (if applicable)?  

A: After the successful submission of the online application form you will be able to print a system generated Application Processing Payment Voucher. Please print the fee voucher for making payments to any UBL Branch.

Q: Is the Hamdard University aptitude test compulsory for every student seeking admission in Hamdard University?

A: If you have a SAT I scores exceeding 1900 / GMAT scores exceeding 600, then you are exempted from the Hamdard University Undergraduate, Graduate and Postgraduate admissions test respectively, however you have to pay the application processing fee and obtain the admit card and you have to go through the interview process.

Q: Will I be required to appear for an interview as part of the admissions process?

A: Yes, an interview is a key part of our holistic admissions process. After the Entrance Examination, only shortlisted candidates will be contacted and informed of the date, time and location of their interview.

Q: What is the fee structure?

A: For free structure details Visit our page https://www.hamdard.edu.pk/feestructure/

Q: Are there any scholarships available at Hamdard University?

A: A number of merit scholarships are available. These scholarships are based on performance in each semester.

Q: Is there Financial assistance awarded to the students of Hamdard University?

A: Hamdard University funded Financial Assistances are available for all programs except those which have already been subsidized. For further details visit our page https://www.hamdard.edu.pk/financialassistance/  

Q: Whom should I contact if I need any information related to admissions? A: You can contact us through any of the following means if you require any help or information:

Visit our Admission offices

In case of any query please contact:

  • Main Campus Admission Office
    Sharea Madinat al-Hikmah, Karachi
    Phone: 021-111-102030
    Whatsapp: 03114994995
  • City Campus Admission Office
    Plot No. 159-P, Block 3, PECHS Kashmir Road, Karachi
    Phone: 021-34381415-16
    Whatsapp: 03114994997
  • Dental Hospital Admission Office
    Plot No. SP-2, Block-L, North Nazimabad, Karachi
    Phone: 021-36647162
    Whatsapp: 03312324968
  • Islamabad (New Campus) Office
    4-Park link Road, Chak Shahzad, Islamabad
    Phone: 051-8840000, 051-8747131
  • North Nazimabad Campus Office
    Plot No. D-70 Block-H, Allama Rasheed Turabi Road, North Nazimabad, Karachi
    Phone: 92-333-2324867
    Whatsapp: 03332324867, 03332324869

Q: Is there any other campus f Hamdard University except the main Campus?

A: There are 3 more campuses of Hamdard University in Karachi axcept.

Q: How many Number of Faculties are there in Hamdard University?

A: There are 7 faculties are there in Hamdard University which re mentioned below:

  1. Law
  2. Pharmacy
  3. Eastern Medicine
  4. Management Sciences
  5. Health and Medical Sciences
  6. Social Science and Humanities
  7. Engineering science and Technology

Q: What programs does Hamdard University offer?

A: Hamdard University offer undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate programs. 

Q: Is Hamdard University recognized by HEC

A: Yes. All degree programs of Hamdard University are recognized by HEC.

Q: How about the infrastructure and environment available at the Hamdard University? A: Hamdard University campus is a beautiful and vibrant space that provides an excellent environment for learning and personal development. With its lush greenery, modern infrastructure, and top-notch facilities, it is no wonder that it is considered one of the best universities in the country.

Q: What are the sports facilities available in Hamdard University?

A: The university also has an excellent sports facility, including a cricket ground, Football ground, tennis courts, and many other sports activities. Students can engage in a range of extracurricular activities, such as debates, music, and drama.

Q: Does Hamdard University provide transport facility in Hamdard University?

A: Yes, Hamdard University provides transport facilities for its students and faculty members. The university has a fleet of buses and vans that run on specific routes to and from the campus, covering various parts of Karachi. Students can avail of this facility by registering for the transport service during the admission process or at any point during their academic tenure at the university.

FAQs for International Office

Q: Do Hamdard University have International Office?

A: Yes, Hamdard University’s International Office is a department in a university that focuses on providing support to university’s students and scholars. They also assist with immigration and visa issues, provide cultural and social programs, and offer resources and services to ensure a smooth transition to university life.

Q: What cultural activities does the Hamdard University’s International Office (IO) offer?

A: The International Office (IO) offer a range of cultural activities and events, such as language exchange programs, cultural festivals, and lots and lots of international traveling opportunity. These activities provide opportunities for Hamdard University’s students to meet and interact with international students from different backgrounds, and to learn about different cultures via travelling.

Q: What services does the International Office offer?

A: The Hamdard University’s International Office offers a variety of services, including visa and immigration advice, support with finding housing, orientation programs, language support, social events, and cultural activities. They also provide assistance with employment opportunities, health insurance, and academic advising for study abroad opportunities.

Q: How do I contact the International Office?

A: The International Office can be contacted through their email (io@hamdard.edu.pk). You can find their contact information on the university’s website or by visiting the office in person at Bait AlHikmah building. You can also contact faculty wise international student coordinator for assistance.

Q: What resources does the International Office provide for international students?

A: The International Office provides a variety of resources and support for international students, including academic advising, career services, health and wellness resources, and scholarship opportunities. The Hamdard University’s International Office look forward to offer best support away from home to international students along with navigating in the university system and connecting with other resources on Campus.

Q: What are the international trips plan for year 2023 by Hamdard University’s International Office?


  • Trip to Europe (May and October)
  • Trip to UK (July / Oct)
  • Trip to Russia
  • Trip to Turkiye


Q: Do you have any policy to facilitate your researchers financially?

A: All faculty members are facilitated by ORIC, If they published their research paper they will get category wise honorarium from Hamdard University Research Center. If they want to conduct any industrial research and they need any financial resistance then HU-ORIC also facilitates them according to circumstances.

Q: Do you train your researchers also how do you update their skills?

A: Through ORIC we provide them with research analytics and proposal writing training, we also arrange advanced training to upgrade their skills.

Q: How do you connect with Industries?

A: We signed MoUs with different universities, and we also arrange Industrial meetups, and symposiums to design future activities between academia and Industry in a way to make them better and more productive in Pakistan.

Q: How does HU Placement work?


  • In this contemporary era of digitalizing, we have made an online portal for recruiters and job hunters to connect.
  • Our Graduate directories from each year of the different department in Hamdard University provides a vast list of CV to generate a good pool of potential candidates.
  • Our seminars and training sessions ensure to prepare our final year students for the corporate world.
  • Apart from our annual mega career fair, Hamdard University organizes on-campus recruitment drives throughout the year to facilitate potential alumni.

About Us

Hamdard University is a private research university with campuses in Karachi and Islamabad, Pakistan. It was founded in 1991 by the renowned philanthropist Hakim Said of the Hamdard Foundation. Hamdard is one of the first and the oldest private institutions of higher education in Pakistan.

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